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Post of the Void 5
« on: June 08, 2011, 04:38:23 pm »
1.   Coach is on the lookout for youngsters who hate servers sitting at your table:

2.   Cajun1300 isn’t exactly sure of the pronunciation, but believes it’s “ménage a trois” (3 nominations for the rookie!):

3.   BizidyDizidy has an excuse for everything.

4.   Mark has interpreted the Zwolle Stone:

5.   moriartp foretold the Rapture well before this year:

6.   Noe also told the Yankees to take their crummy trophy and shove it up their ass:

7.   Houston knows his ancient history:

8.   Astroholic provides a very disturbing visual of Houston politics:

9.   Reuben understands that MM was more serious about his bid to buy the team than he let on:

10.   JimR may win for this one, but he’ll never find his prize (2 nominations):

11.   EasTexAstro knows that this has all happened before… and will all happen again:

And the winner of this week's Mihoba is... The Clark! Cajun1300 takes home the gold with some... sage? advice!

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