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Post of the Week 9!
« on: January 28, 2011, 02:13:03 pm »
1.) Mark is really good at making lists about nonsense.

2.) Reuben takes baseball front offices to the matt. (2 nominations)

3.) The Spleen has seen the bottom of the barrel, and it’s covered in acne scars.

4.) GreatBagwellsBeard makes life easier for the hunt and peck typists  of SnS.
5.) chuck typed this with BOTH pinkies extended.

6.) Noe knows everything his chain restaurants. (2 nominations)

7.) Musicman gives us all a visual that no amount of soap will wash away.

8.) Limey is the resident Acronym and Third-Basin’ Expert (ATBE).

9.) Musicman is all over this. (5 nominations)

10.) The Spleen is starring this summer’s sequel of the year, “The Gunther Network”. (4 nominations)

11.) Limey is also in charge of Player Mascot Spotting (PMS).

12.) Budgirl… Ew! Come on, that’s my DAD!

And the winner of this week's Mihoba is.... MusicMan's number 9! There is no truth to the rumor that MusicMan has been brought on as a Special Assistant for Roy’s next contract negotiations. Although he was seen shopping for bulldozer vanity plate covers last weekend.

And remember, to nominate a post for a Mihoba, just click the “report to moderator” link and in the subject line type “POTW”.
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