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Post of the Week 4!
« on: July 01, 2010, 01:30:24 pm »
1.) Musicman takes our good friend Ian to task.

2.) Budgirl went there. Ewwww.

3.) Limey pens some intro music.

4.) Lurch hit this one out of the park.

5.) 94CougarGrad suddenly has a lot more fans in the TalkZone.

6.) Andyzipp deserves his own computer cooking show. (2 nominations)

7.) Ron Brand discovers the secret behind cheap ribs.

8.) Apparently one legged strippers aren’t the only thing Alkie saw in New Orleans. (2 nominations)

9.) Lurch LMGTFYs Limey. Check out link number 2 on FMGTFY, awesomeness. (2 nominations)

10.) Apparently a boyscout hijacked Alkie’s computer.

11.) Bench is getting desperate for a winning streak.

12.) 94CougarGrad gets tricky with letters. (2 nominations)

13.) Alkie still regrets joining the Math Club instead of the Basketball team to this day.

14.) Coach describes the yearly Oswaltian bitching perfectly.

And the winner of this week's Mihoba is... Lurch's # 9! Good ol'! Congrats, Lurch!

And remember, to submit a post for POTW consideration, just click on the "report to moderator" link on the bottom right and in the subject line type "POTW".

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