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Post of the Week 15!
« on: September 23, 2009, 03:57:52 pm »
1.) Muircheataigh says Cooper makes three a crowd:

2.)MusicMan always looks out for the hopeful angle:

3.) Austro puts two and two together:

4.) Lurch has a great box of games:

5.) Matt says growing old with Jon Garland is no bowl of cherries:

6.) GreatBagwellsBeard has read Penthouse Forum before:

7.) MusicMan understands tax law and hooker parts:

8.) Strosrays throws the whole Ryan Ed horror show out there for all to see:

9.) Alkie offers Fredia a deal she can’t refuse:

10.) Sphinx Drummond is on top of how things work in Pittsburgh:

11.) Sphinx again speculating on the wonder that is Barzilla:

12.) Matt can break down a game like it’s 1999:

13.) GreatBagwellsBeard is a master linguist:

14.) Lurch is wise in the ways of threesome (or at least being in the other room):

15.) Jane Doe pegged this one:

16.) Limey never misses a good Subic joke:

17.) strosrays is true to form:

18.) BudGirl solves the puzzle that is Coop:

19.)Coach is very subtle

20.) MRaup is good at locating missing items:

20.)AtascAstro might just be on to something:

21.)VirtualBob clearly speaks Arab:

And this week's Mihoba winner is... Alkie's number 9! Man, I wish my birthday was coming up soon.

And remember, to nominate a post for POTW honors, just click the "report to administrator" link at the bottom right and type POTW in the subject line!
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