Author Topic: MusicMan smacks Clark on exit  (Read 1639 times)


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MusicMan smacks Clark on exit
« on: May 15, 2007, 03:49:46 pm »
YoungClark "joshuatexas" gets hammered for an asinine open letter to Astros about Clemens, then exits (for the 2nd time) with...

I thought it was funny, it was mostly sarcastic, I didn't send it to the astros...

what a bunch of pleasant guys you all are, don't worry you won't have to worry bout seeing me again...dicks.

your fellow astros fan,



And MusicMan nails him in the ass with the doorknob...

"joshua dicks" is an unfortunate name.  Good luck getting through grade school.

"We live in a society of laws. Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn't hear anybody laughing, did you?"
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