Author Topic: A look back - BA's Appy League top 20 prospects from 2008  (Read 1223 times)


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A look back - BA's Appy League top 20 prospects from 2008
« on: October 19, 2015, 03:02:25 pm »
I had some time today so I went back to look at the 2008 Appy Top 20 list. 

1   Tim Beckham, SS, Rays   After a cup of coffe in 2013 and then was everyday SS for half of 2015 .  Hit .222 in 82 games with the Rays   2015 - MLB Rays

2   Wilmer Flores, SS, Mets   He was just 16 when he made this list.  He made his MLB debut in 2013.  He played in 137 games for the Mets this season.  Including one where he thought he had been traded to the Brewers    2015 - MLB   Mets

3   Matt Moore, LHP, Rays   Debut in 2011.  Solid 2013.  Injured for most of 14.  Made it back for half of 15   2015 - MLB   Rays

4   Gabriel Noriega, SS, Mariners   Has bounced between AA & AAA in 14 and 15 but missed alot of 15 injured, still just 24         2015-   AAA   Royals

5   Mario Martinez, 3B, Mariners   After making it to AAA in 2014, he was back in High A ball in the Red Sox org in 2015.

6   Randall Delgado, RHP, Braves   Made MLB debut at 21 for the Braves in 2011.  Was traded to Diamondbacks in 2013.  Has become a reliever over the last few years.       2015- MLB    D-backs

7   Jordan Lyles, RHP, Astros   Quick assent to the majors.  Made debut in 2011.  Traded to Colorado before 2014 season.  Missed most of 15 with injuries.    2015 MLB Rockies

8   Angel Morales, OF, Twins   Topped out in 2014 in AA.  Didn't play in 2015   

9   Albert Suarez, RHP, Rays   Was Mid Season All Star in Texas League this year    2015 AA    Angles

10   Kelvin Herrera, RHP, Royals   Made MLB debut at age 21 in 2011.  He has become one of be best set up men in baseball.    2015 - MLB Royals

11   Jon Gilmore, 3B, Braves   Career finished at AA with the Whitesox in 2012.   

12   Jay Austin, OF, Astros   Made it to High A as a 19 year old but never climbed any higher.  After being released in
2012, he sat out 2013 and then has played indy ball in 14 & 15.  2015 Indy (Traverse City - Frontier League)

13   Niko Vasquez, SS Cardinals   Topped out a AA in 2012.  Has been in Indy ball since 2013   2015 -Indy (Southern Ill - Frontier)

14   Craig Kimbrel, RHP, Braves   Debut in 2010 at age of 22.  Has been a premier closer in the MLB ever since.   2015 MLB Padres

15   Paul Clemens, RHP, Braves   Made it to the MLB in 2013 with the Astros.  After pitcing in 13 games in 14, he has not been back in the Majors. Signed a free agent deal with the Phillis for 15 season but was released in June.  Signed by the Royals in August and finished the season in AAA with them.    

16   Gregory Infante, RHP, White Sox   Made his MLB debut with the White Sox in 2010 for 5 games.  Hasn't made it back to the show since.  Currently in the Blue Jays org at AAA.

17   Sam Runion, RHP, Royals   Has pitched in AAA parts of the last three seasons.    2015 AAA Nationals

18   Federico Hernadez, C, Astros   Made it to AA as a 22 year old and hit .304 in limited action but forgot how to hit the next year.  Released after 2012.

19   Juan Silverio, SS, White Sox    Made it as high as AAA in affiliated ball.  Played 2015 for Laredo of the American Association (Indy)   

20   Fernando Cruz, 3B, Royals   Was out of affliliated ball after the 2012 season.  He played winter ball in PR and then was signed by the Cubs in 15 and played in 7 games between AA/AAA.

Now the list of guys who didn't make the list who at least got a cup of coffee (some of these may not have had enough innings to qualify.  Many of the pitchers were relievers in the Appy):

Jose Altuve, Astros   Matt Eddy from his chat about the list: .... Altuve is 5-5, 148 pounds and can't handle shortstop. He's the type of scrappy player more commonly seen in Double-A or Triple-A, but not the majors.

Alex Colome, Rays   Closed some for the Rays this year

Jesus Sucre, Braves   Made MLB with Mariners in 2014.  Appeared in 50 games in 2015 for M's

Mark Hamburger, Twins   Had a 4.17 ERA in the Appy but struck out 40 in 36 2/3 IP.  Appearedin 5 games for the
Rangers in 2011.  Has bounced between AAA,/Indy ball & the mexican league since

Alex Castellanos, Cardinals   Played in 24 games with the Dodgers in 12 & 13.  Finished the year in Japan in 15

Michael Blazak, Cardinals   Made MLB debut with Cards in 2013. Then went to the Brewers that year.  Solid bullpen guy on 2015 - 2.75 ERA in 45 games.

Sam Freeman, Cardinals   MLB debut in 2012 with Cardinals.  Pitched for Texas in 54 games in 2015

Jorge Rondon, Cardinals   MLB debut in 2014 with Cardinals.  Pitched in limited action for Colorado and Baltimore in 2015

Collin McHugh, Mets   Appeared in 12 games for the K-Mets. MLB debut in 2013 with Mets.  Won 19 games for Astros in 2015

Robert Carson, Mets   Pitched for the Mets in 12 & 13.  Pitched in indy ball in 15 for Britdgeport of the Atlantic League

John Holtzkom, Mets   Went to Indy ball in 2013 after not getting above high A.  Signed with the Pirates in 2014 and made his MLB debut with them that year. 

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Re: A look back - BA's Appy League top 20 prospects from 2008
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 04:43:33 pm »
love the comments about Altuve. oops!
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Re: A look back - BA's Appy League top 20 prospects from 2008
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2015, 04:55:54 pm »
love the comments about Altuve. oops!

At the time he was 18 which was more than 2 years younger than the average Appy league player.  But all they saw was the height and so ignored him.  He just goes to show you that if you have the talent and are willing to do the work you get anywhere you want to go.
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Re: A look back - BA's Appy League top 20 prospects from 2008
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2015, 10:28:06 am »
A year later, this was Matt Eddy's take on him
. He again didn't make the top 20 while Jio Mier was #2 and Jon Meyer was #18. 

Matt Eddy: Altuve is a fascinating case. Listed at an incredible 5-foot-5, he hit for surprising power in the Appy this season (20 doubles) in his second go-round with Greeneville. He'll be a fun player to track because he's so unique, but nobody used the word prospect to describe him. Altuve has strong baseball instincts — in the field, in the batter's box, on the bases — but you just don't see a lot of players of his stature in the high minors, let alone the big leagues.

He was warming up to him but there were no comps for him.  Human scouting is dependent upon comps.  This is why trackman has such value.  It provides data for comparison.  It doesn't have to depend on seeing someone that size before. 

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