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Post of the Week 5!
« on: July 07, 2010, 11:38:36 am »
1.) Reuben is just a concerned citizen.

2.) Froback picks himself a nit.

3.) Ron Brand auditions for a job in the Astros Marketing Department.

4.) Disregard this entry. Nothing to see here. Do not be alarmed, continue swimming naked.

5.) chuck makes a depressing connection. (2 nominations)

6.) Ron Brand also is auditioning for a job in the Astros PR Department.

7.) Waldo is a considerate guy.

8.) Fredia confirms it.

9.) Mark has a radar induced episode.

10.) Bench can go either way on this one.

11.) Musicman probably had a headache for days after this. (2 nominations)

12.) Craig is hurricane punctuation stickler.

13.) chuck is hopefully not speaking from experience on this one.

14.) outlawscotty is apparently fed up with RoyO’s bullshit.

And the winner of this week's Mihoba is... A tie?! That's right, chuck's number 5 and outlawscotty's number 14 are dead even at the finish line. Congrats on your Co-Mihobas guys, and keep up the good work!

And remember, to submit a post for post of the week, just click the "report to moderator" link at the bottom right of the post and in the subject line type "POTW".
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