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Post of the Week 3!
« on: June 02, 2010, 12:23:45 pm »
1.) Lurch knows a little too much about this guy. Autobiography perhaps?

2.) Noe better not install this on the main page, my writing is illegible enough as is:

3.) Dr. strosrays analyzes the thread:

4.) Budgirl is clearly not Prince Albert’s agent:

5.) jmontessi finds an apt comparison:

6.) Budgirl is doing some consulting for Arizona Border Patrol: (2 nominations)

7.) Taras Bulba’s descriptions of things are always… colorful:

8.) chuck is a terrible drinking buddy:

9.) Ron Brand is rockin’ and firin’:

10.) Musicman knows a Scott Boras death warrant when he sees one:

11.) Craig can turn any nickname in to a dirty joke… Just try him:

12.) astrofan76 clearly doesn’t work in the marketing department:

And the winner is... Budgirl's number 6 by an eyelash! take that, Beaumont!
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