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Post of the Week 2!
« on: May 28, 2010, 01:36:18 pm »
1.) austro is really anxious to get started on this:

2.) and JackAstro is really… Well, ew:

3.) Craig knows a vomit-inducing pun when he sees one: (3 nominations)

4.) matadorph works as a bartender in his spare time: (3 nominations)

5.)  Limey comes up with new and creative ways to liven up  the radio broadcasts:

6.) MusicMan translates from Noe-to-English:

7.) Coach, as always, delivers some chin music: (2 nominations)

8.) Batgirl speaks fluent Coach:

9.) Sphinx Drummond knows his Co-Russa family history:

10.) 94CougarGrad busts our her protractor in protest:

And the winner is... Matadorph's Entry 4! Congrats, and have a cold glass on Marmolade on us!
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