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Post of the Week 1!
« on: April 23, 2010, 11:52:55 am »
1.) MusicMan saves us all from permanent blindness.

2.) MusicMan also sees a potential new career for JackAstro.

3.) Foghorn appears from the mists and drops a soupbone on the TZ. (2 nominations)

4.) 94CougarGrad insures we will all be using Bing from here on out.

5.) MusicMan (yes, again) knows a little too much about European men.

6.) 94CougarGrad sums up a very unusual thread.

7.) austro defers to the Zapruder highlights.

8.) Mark is disappointed in all of you.

9.) Ty in Tampa makes a plea to the BBGs.

10.) Joey Trum does a mean MoBerg impression.

11.) Ron Brand  pretty much nails what’s going through Brad Mills’ head.

12.) strosrays does his thing. Which is pretty much amazing.

And the winner of the first Mihoba of the 2010 Season is...... Ty in Tampa's entry, number 9! Congrats Ty. Now get to work appeasing the BBGs for THIS season!

And remember, if nominate a post for post of the week, just click the "Report to Moderator" link on the bottom right and in the subject line write "POTW!".

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