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Post of the Week 14!
« on: September 23, 2009, 03:52:10 pm »
1.) Drew Corleone speculates on the race for the coveted lid:

2.) Lurch speaks Coop:

3.) MusicMan says a man (or a club) has to know its limitations:

4.) MusicMan has been to the pediatrician:

5.) MRaup says that Youkalis is at best, a cocker spaniel:

6.) Limey is steeped in the Old Testament:

7.) MusicMan reveals an awful truth:

8.) Atacastro asks a valid question:

9.) Das was once in high school:

10.) MusicMan calls for mythical justice:

11.) Joey Trum can spot one from a mile away:

12.) MusicMan stroked his beard while writing this one:

13.) BudGirl needs to stop holding in her emotions:

14.) Lurch points out something we all already knew:

15.) MusicMan  reminds us all of the good ol’ days of music:

16.) Coach dips in to the deep well of French bashing:

17.) Guinness spies himself a contradiction.

18.) Limey delivers a shot below the belt (literally).

19.) strosrays turns in his thesis on the Cubbies.  A+!

20.) JackAstro pens a note to his favorite superstar.

21.) Houston makes a not-so-startling discovery about the Pirates trading tendencies. (2 nominations)

22.) VirtualBob channels Alex Trabek.

23.) MusicMan smacks chuck with a quick Airplane reference.

And the runaway winner of this week's Mihoba Award is strosrays number 19! Man, apparently all it takes to win a Mihoba these days is the ability to avoid the onset of Carpal Tunnel. Congrats strosrays!

And remember, to nominate a post for POTW honors, just click the "report to administrator" link at the bottom right and type POTW in the subject line!
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