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Post of the Week (The Mihoba) 2009
« on: March 27, 2008, 11:33:28 am »
For your consideration, the powers that be at the good ol’ SnS have decided to create a system to reward all the wonderful contribution to this forum.  This is a Talk Zone and Game Zone award and it is restricted to you the Zoners who spend many a “pooductive” minute offering your viewpoints for all to laugh… errr…. read!  It’s the very least we can do and we mean that sincerely.  So here is how it works:

The Award (Blue Stars)

We already have a contributor column called "From Left Field" (FLF) wherein a TZ'er (Zoner) can submit an article for publication on this site.  But we think that most people would rather just post *hit and run* comments in the TZ or GZ and be done with it.  We think we need to have a "highlight" system where we can place some sort of recognition for outstanding contributions to the TZ, be it hit and run or a tome of some sort.  So, we’ve created “''The Captain’s Blue Star Award” (NOTE: The award is now named the "Mihoba Post of the Week" award) to be given to each and every post of distinguish merit.  So will it be daily?  No, it will be a weekly recognition, hence why it is the POTWA (Post of the Week Award).  What we will do is recognize an outstanding TZ or GZ contribution for said week by placing a Blue Star in your profile as recognition for being a contributor of worth for at the very least that week in 2008 (UPDATE: There is some technical glich in the space-time continuim that has delayed our ability to append blue stars to your profile, but it will happen soon enough... like maybe never!).  It’s like those whack helmet decals you see on the Ohio State Buckeyes… you know, the marijuana stickers.  But this will be a Blue Star.  You can be a multiple winner of course, so the more decals in your profile, the more consideration you will get for our annual Waldo awards.  You know, the Rookie of the Year award, the MVP, et. al.  Each POTWA will be archived in a sub-forum to the TZ for viewing and then at the end of the year, we will choose one of these POTWA winners as a strong candidate for the coveted Post of the Year award.  So collect as many “Stubings” (the Captain himself) or Blue Stars as you can and see how much more welcome you’ll be at parties, how dogs will stop chasing you, how women will swoon in your presence, blah, blah, blah.  You know the drill, we recognize, you get swelled head, we make fun of you, you leave and then we all wonder whatever happened to that guy (see: Breedlove, Brian).

The Nomination Process and Winner Selection

If you see a post that you think is worthy of recognition, simply use the “report to moderator” function beneath said post and put “POTWA” in the subject and we will know what you’re saying.  Each Wednesday (all day), moderators will review the nominees for that week and choose a winner.  Nomination sent in on Wednesday will roll over for the following week’s consideration for the “Stubing”.  So from now until Tuesday, it’s anyone’s award to take this week.  On Wednesday, all moderators will vote in the secret chambers behind the Whataburger on 34th Street.  The winner will be selected that Thursday and we will place the Blue Star on your profile to signify your worthiness to be in our presence.

What is a Post worthy of consideration?

Anything you Zoners deem worthy, from a complete meltdown by a TexasJoshua (although he’s gone, so no sense in recognizing a poser like that) to a one line classic like “pooductive” from Gleek.  From a Limey cricket story to an Alkie misspent youth sad story.  From a stros-ray head spinning analysis to a pravata comprehensive literary gem.  From a JimR WFW to a Noe long-ass winded tome.  You think it’s so bad it’s good, submit it.  You think it so good it has to be recognized, submit it.  The moderators will take anything you say is worthy of review and hold their noses to make the final selection.

WINNERS LIST (on-going)

Week 1:  JackAstro
Week 2: GreatBagwellsBeard
Week 3: Lurch
Week 4: strosrays
Week 5: MusicMan
Week 6: toddthebodd
Week 7: Ebby Calvin
Week 8: JackAstro
Week 9: JackAstro
Week 10: Andyzipp, MRaup, Taras Bulba
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Re: Post of the Week, "The Stubing", 2008
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2008, 04:56:28 pm »
Henceforth, the POTWA will be known as The Mihoba, in memory of our late contributor and friend, Michael Baker.
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