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She both failed and committed fraud in the process.

The documentary makes a veiled point in the end that this is part of the game played at the Silicon Valley. They all lie to investors about what they have and project as earnings, she just was not good playing their game per se.

But what I found the most sad is that the brilliant inventor who came up with the original Edison patent committed suicide when he got caught up in this CEO's googly-eyed Rasputin act. The patent they filed for the Edison machine was filed under false pretenses and since he participated in the inaccurate filing, he was going to be ruined as a scientist. It was too much to bear. Really sad.


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Re: Podcasts
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The latest Revisionist History deals with PEDs and Jesuit reasoning.

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Re: Podcasts
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The podcast Disgraceland by Jake Brennan is pretty fun. It about crazy musicians and the outrageous things they have done. I wonder about the guy's sources. He seems to fill in a lot of gaps with his own interpretation of what might have gone on. Still highly entertaining.
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