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Found it
« on: October 22, 2017, 09:59:41 am »
So during the 2004 playoffs I was in an Astros tizzy and wanted to find the "Here come the Astros" song.

My very first Astros game was in 1981, the home opener. They raised the 1980 NL West banner, and lpart of the ceremony included the (I think) debut of that song.   The dude performed it live on the playing field. 9 year old me was completely inoculated: Astros fan for life.

Anyway my web searches in 2004 proved fruitless,  but somehow the phrase "breathing orange fire" led me to Orange Whoopass.   I lurked for a year,  joined in 2005, and this place has been a welcome distraction ever since.

Well I tried again today on you tube and bingo:

Go Go Astros by Mack Hayes:

And the Spanish version,  Vamos Vamos Astros: