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ETA: For a world of “fail” gifs, check out #ThisIsDevinNunes.

Devin Nunes has just under 400k Twiiter followers.  He sued Twitter for $250 million for allowing people such as “Devin Nunes’ Cow” to take the piss out of him.  Devin Nunes’ Cow had 1200 followers before the lawsuit; it now has over 400,000 (more than Nunes himself). 

After his midnight cab ride shenanigans, it’s very clear that this fucktard is the king of the self-own. 


My thought is that the various sealed indictments are going to be very revealing and that the report eventually will advance the pursuit of truth and justice considerably. But to rely on it in any way as a political fulcrum is fucking idiotic. So of course that appears to be what a lot of the Democrats are content to do.

Pelosi is a smart operator.  The freak out over her recent dismissal of impeachment was a misinterpretation, IMHO, as she listed off - as prerequisites - a number of things that are already in the record plus one that isn’t:  Republican support.  She knows a lot of what is coming, and I think she expects that (at least some) Republicans will have to get on board when the whole criminal enterprise is laid bare for the public. 

Meanwhile! Swalwell - House intel member - says he believes there are sealed indictments against Trump. 

What is the lawyer's name? Which bar associations were the complaints filed with? What are the nature of the complaints; that is what is the lawyer accused of? Did any of the complaints result in disciplinary action against the lawyer? Typically, complaints are not made public unless disciplinary action is initiated so what is the source of this information?

Dude’s name is Kevin Downing, the statement about having filed a bar complaint - in NY and LA - came from a purported lawyer on Twitter. 

One thing's for sure though; the public perception is turning with every day that Mueller doesn't release something.  The majority of Americans now believe it *is* a witch hunt, simply because it's been two years, and squat.  It'd better be a fucking historic bombshell, or this investigation secures Trump 2020.

For the record, that was a badly framed question in that it asked, paraphrasing, "do you think it's a witch hunt and do you think Trump has been investigated more than any other president?"  To that question, I would answer "yes".  The rest of the poll showed strong interest in seeing the Mueller report.  People aren't turning on it, pollsters just ask stupid questions.

In case you were wondering what put Trump into such a Twitter tailspin this weekend, I give you The NY Times:

A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank

Investigators are elbow-deep in Trump’s dealings with DoucheBank. 

Manafort’s lawyer - who has spent two trials defending Trump from accusations of colluding with Russia while his client got sent up the river for over 7 years - has had bar association complaints filed against him in multiple states. 

Everything Trump touches, dies. 

Trump announced that Beto's candidacy is illegitimate because 1) he doesn't have experience and 2) he lost his last election bid and once you lose an election, that should be it, you shouldn't get to run for office again.  He didn't elaborate on his own failed candidacies and lack of success, but he's already denied he ran for President in 2000.  So there's that.

In an interview this morning, Trump speculated that Beto is “crazy” because he moves his hands too much while speaking.   This is real. 

Projection.  All of it. 

Agree on the VP implication.  I like Beto, but IMO, he needs to step up his game to have a real chance at the top spot.

He’s not ready for the big chair, but he’d add to the ticket whom ever is at the top of it. 

A Beto vs. Pence debate would be must see tv. 

Beto just announced his candidacy for (vice) President. 

BOOM!  NY just indicted Manafort of state charges.  I guess they were waiting for the federal desk to be over, but I’m sure this has been cocked and ready since EDVA let him slide on the bulk of the federal crimes. 

Manafort gets a proper dressing down at his sentencing hearing, where the judge torched all his “I’m sorry I got caught” excuses.  She gave him decent sentences for the two verdicts; one concurrent, one consecutive. 

In all, Manafort’s going to federal prison for 7 1/2 years.  There is no parole from federal prison. 

So, this whole Boeing thing.  It turns out to be a confluence of numerous tributaries of shit, running together into the swamp. 

The Max 8 flies very differently to other 737 models so, when Boeing was pushing it out to its airline customers, it had to tweak the autopilot settings to fake its handling to be like that of its predecessors.  That way airlines, otherwise reluctant to invest in the new model because of pilot retraining time and expense, could roll it out (no pun intended) quickly, easily and cheaply.  But they didn’t tell pilots about the new override parameters and since day 1 this plane has been trying to crash itself against the wishes of the pilots.  This has been happening fleet-wide, worldwide; we’re lucky that it’s been only the two crashes thus far. 

So, the world knows this plane is inherently unsafe at any altitude and it has been grounded or denied even overfly permission pretty much everywhere.  Everywhere except the US, that is.  Why is that?

Could it be that, after Trump nominated his own pilot to run the FAA (a pilot who couldn’t even keep the one plane he was flying for Trump properly registered) and his nomination went down like a...   Trump hasn’t bothered to propose anyone else for the job.  The top three positions at the FAA are prefaced with “acting”.  Maybe this is the problem, but likely not as any Trump nominee is going to be worse than any random civil servant. 

The Transportation secretary has the power to ground the Max 8s, but that’s Elaine Chao, wife of SwampKing and enemy of democracy Mitch McConnell, so there’s no way she is going to buck the White House. 

Oh yeah, the White House.  Boeing’s CEO has frequented Swamp-a-Lago numerous times and donated $1 million to Trump’s under-investigation inaugural committee.  Moreover, Trump spoke with him on the phone this very morning where Boeing’s guy gave a strong denial against accusations that he screwed with the election tortured Otto Warmbier to death hacked up Kashoggi there is anything wrong with the Max 8. 

So the Max 8 still flies over the US, dipping it’s nose when it feels like it.  Meanwhile, despite the denials that there’s a problem, Boeing is rolling out a software patch to fix the non-problem.  They have been working on it since the first Max 8 crash, but it was delayed by about a month due to the US government shut down.

If you count back a month from the likely roll out date of the patch, it would have preceded the Ethiopia crash.

Those people died because of Trump, Boeing and shitty US politics.  I hope they’re the last, but I fear they won’t be. 

PS Any US airline still running unpatched Max 8s is now culpable in any deaths resulting therefrom.

It's confusing because there are two separate sex slave/prostitution investigations in Florida, but they intersect at Mar-A-Lago. There's the Epstein case, which included minors who were working at Mar-A-Lago being recruited into Epstein's pedo ring.

And now there's the Chinese madam running the rub-and-tug chain, also allegedly with sex slaves, who comes and goes from Mar-A-Lago like she owns the place, and takes selfies with every Republican who shows up.

Exactly.  And as we're still batting 1.000 on projection, it's terrifying to think of all the things of which Obama and Clinton were accused, because that is exactly what's going on behind closed doors on the right (or, at least, they're thinking about it).

The biggest difference between pizzagate and Orchids of Asia is, one is pure foxnews far right fan fiction (consumed and targeted to the most gullible rubes in the count) the other is real.

The point being that, if you wonder where they dream up this shit, it’s because it’s what they’re actually doing. 

I think there's a failure to communicate here because you misunderstand what the word projection means.

I don't need a lecture from you about how sleazy and corrupt this whole Cindy Yang/Bob Kraft/Trump thing is. That's obvious on its face.

Projection, being that they accuse others of what they, themselves are doing.  No, there is no reportage on the age of the women at the parlors, but running sex slaves for an elite cabal is exactly what pizza gate...and this latest shower-requiring episode...are about.  Except this episode rolls in a terrifying sub-plot of having the President on down compromised now by China as well as Russia.

The fact that trafficked women were involved is unspeakably horrible enough but unless you have some evidence that they were also underage then I would suggest you go easy on the Pizzagate references.

Really?   Pizzagate was made up nonsense that ended up with someone walking into the establishment with guns demanding answers.  Luckily no one was shot.  There weren’t any actual kids involved.  There wasn’t even a fucking basement. 

Madame Massage Parlour ran a bunch of establishments, at least one of which was staffed with trafficked women.  Do you think it’s a coincidence that of all the rub ‘n’ tug shops in all the world Bob Kraft walked into that one?

This whole thing is sleazy as fuck and also - like everything else in the Trump administration- potentially a gargantuan security risk.   I think the fake child slaves would be ok with some outrage about that. 

Surely everyone knew that Trump was the other associate or whatever that guy was described as when the report first broke.    I cannot believe this is a shock to anyone.

The lady who co-founded massage parlors that are staffed with trafficked women turns out to be a doyen of right wing gatherings, and the host of events for Chinese business folk at Mar-a-Lago where they were promised they would get the flesh with the President.

I know all right wing rhetoric is projection, but I had no idea that this principle extended even to PizzaGate.

The depths of the depraved entanglements of Trump know no bounds.  The Miami Herald reports that Trump watched Kraft’s Patriots win the SuperBowl alongside the founder of the spa where Kraft was busted for getting a happy ending.  I shit you not. 

As wealth gets concentrated into fewer and fewer pockets, they are becoming like medieval royal dynasties, where they’re all connected by family ties, shared bodily fluids or, often, both. 

I got next with the Lysol...🤮

The list is out, and it’s as long as it is beautiful.  No Ivanka, but everyone else you’d expect and a few you’d forgotten about (Steve Bannon, anyone?).

Oh, and of course, Matthew Calimari.  Because why the fuck not. 

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