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That is some Gene-Kelly-and-Donald-O’Connor level tap dancing.

It's more like drunk limbo.

Wired just broke down the Cohen story.  Detail in the article, but the main issues are:

1. Mueller has the receipts
2. The politics just changed in a big way
3. The obstruction case could be much bigger than Comey
4. The president's family is potentially in lots of legal trouble
5. Trump's incoming attorney general already said it's a crime
6. Trump's defense team is rattled

This is very important in that it implies, as many of us have always suspected, that Mueller has an inconceivable amount of evidence that he has not disclosed, which makes the He hasn't found any evidence of wrongdoing so let's just wrap this up crowd appear even more idiotic than they normally would.

It also dusts the rebuttal that Cohen is a liar.  There is evidence independent of him, so Cohen's corroboration is almost irrelevant.

Also, it's a little dodgy to tell someone to lie and then, when they tell people you told them to lie, you say "don't trust him, he's a liar." 

Beer and Queso / Re: The Last Jedi [spoiler alert]
« on: Yesterday at 12:04:34 pm »
I'd have to hear it from Lucas as his intention to believe it.

It's not like he is known for the use of subtlety and nuance in his movie-making.  "Inferred", in Lucas' mind, means a character said it out loud, in front of a green screen.

Also now can’t stop picturing him as Inspector Javert.

Which makes me think of Russel Crowe singing, so fuck you!


Even the FoxNews host: "That was not a denial."  Imagine a world where Trump actually begins to lose FoxNews.

Does Trump do everyone's hair now?

Trump took care of it:

That all-caps Tweet only makes sense if he was screaming it when cornered by the Feds on, say, the Hoover Dam, before leaping into the roiling waters below.

Beer and Queso / Re: The Last Jedi [spoiler alert]
« on: Yesterday at 10:29:13 am »
I thought Lucas made it perfectly clear in the original movie that anyone can have force powers.

The alternative - that it's only passed down through birth - puts us in a chicken-egg conundrum.

However, there's a creepy, bordering on blasphemous, element in Ep I that hints at Anakin being sired by the Force in some sort of immaculate conception.  That explains the origin of the Skywalker Force lineage, but not of all the existing Jedi.  So...yeah.  No idea.

Pelosi's Deputy Chief of Staff just revealed on Twitter that the delegation was prepared to fly commercial after Trump revoked the use of military aircraft to Afghanistan.  This morning, the delegation learned the Administration leaked the commercial travel plans as well.  The delegation has now decided to postpone the trip altogether.


Reporting this morning says that the White House was seeking to put Pelosi "in her place".

It's important to note, however, how much of a self-own this was.  Not only was there the issue of denying a plane to Pelosi while giving a plane to Melania to fly to their vacation home, there was the subsequent cancellation of the Davos boondoggle and, presumably, the continued denial (or hypocritical allowance) of administration travel by military flight.  What about Individual Air Force One?

They.  Are.  So.  Dumb.

It's also recycled bullshit.  Here's David Dewhurst making the same baseless claim in 2014.

One of those 2014 "prayer rugs" turned out to be a soccer shirt.

Beer and Queso / Re: The Last Jedi [spoiler alert]
« on: Yesterday at 10:09:41 am »
I’m in the camp that doesn’t think he has anything to do with the other trilogy. I think it was Johnson putting theme ahead of story again (the Force is eternal, it doesn’t belong to the Skywalker clan or the Jedi, and it can emerge where you least expect it). It was, of course, hamfisted. And it actually pisses me off because I thought the ending on the Falcon was perfect.

Of course, we're all trying to attach significance to story elements from Ep VIII when, at the time it came out, Ep IX hadn't even been outlined.

Watching some news this morning, the tap-dancing by TrumpWorld, around the simple question of whether Trump told Cohen to lie, is spectacular.  This gives me hope that we're near the end because no one is prepared to be the last to die for an unjust cause.  It's all non-denial denials a la Watergate.  Even Trump won't flat-out deny it.

Beer and Queso / Re: The Last Jedi [spoiler alert]
« on: Yesterday at 10:02:39 am »
Is Johnson's trilogy going to be episodes 10-11-12? I thought the episodes part was going to end with 9 as the end of the Skywalker saga, but I can't remember if I read that expressly or just assumed it.

Perhaps they will reset to 1 if they aren't going with the "Star Wars:  Sub-Title" format. 

According to a NYT story last fall, one of the written questions to Trump from Mueller was, “What communication did you have with Michael D. Cohen, Felix Sater, and others, including foreign nationals, about Russian real estate developments during the campaign?”

Who else wants to see that answer?

Beer and Queso / Re: The Last Jedi [spoiler alert]
« on: Yesterday at 09:50:13 am »
I still don't understand why schtable boy (love that) was shoved at us so hard.

Johnson has three movies to write - apparently about non-Skywalkers - so now we know where Ep X starts, on fucking Canto Bight, with a young Anakin schtable boy - enslaved and looking after his owner's pod racers horses - who gets the opportunity to use his innate force skills to escape from bondage.

Also Rose.

In other news (remember the shutdown?)...

BREAKING: New York Federal Reserve President John Williams says shutdown could cut U.S. economic growth by 1 percentage point

You forgot the #MAGA

Another angle on the Buzzfeed story: if true, then this is also evidence of Russian kompromat on Trump.  Trump was lying all along about Trump Tower Moscow, and instructed Cohen (and probably others) to lie to authorities about that.  The Russians knew the truth, and so had this, at least, to hold over Trump.  As the Moscow deal also involved Jr. and Ivanka, that stick had some weight to it.

Also, the fact that Mueller got to this from Trump Organisation texts, emails and a "cache of documents", we have to assume that he has a metric shit-ton of other stuff too.  These aren't smart people, they're not used to dealing with grown ups, they cannot buy their way out of this*.

* The one thing that Trump has to offer, that politicians have used to get out of jail free through the ages, is resignation.  "I will resign if you drop all charges."  That worked even for Nixon, on the assumption that his pardon was pre-agreed.  But even so, everyone but Nixon went to jail because they did not have the same high-value resignation to offer.  In this case, many of those around Trump are family members, so he would have to cut a deal that would also absolve them, and for all of them this would have to extend down to all the state crimes, associated business crimes, Foundation crimes etc. etc..  That's a very unbalanced deal for prosecutors who have the lot of them dead to rights.

BuzzFeed’s news division is (shockingly) pretty good—they’re not McClatchy—but waiting for a second outlet to confirm the story is wise.

Agreed but, in the meantime, one of the byline reporters went on CNN and said:
"I am rock solid.  My sourcing on this goes beyond the two on the record. It's 100%."

The fact that the flying monkeybots are out in force trying to discredit the story and distract from it, suggests that TrumpWorld is worried about it.  Also, the report states that Mueller had the evidence and Cohen confirmed it, not the other way around.

Also, Trump's first tweet after this breaking news:

Yep, he's tweeting dubious, unattributed, news stories from the Washington Examiner, and also about Caravan 2.0.

Today should be fun.

I forgot to add that the Russia project involved Jr. and Ivanka, too.  Yes, fun.

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